My Journey
I am aware that this section should spell out who I am and that you may be interested in knowing where I come from and my background which I will eventually get to, however I want to use this opportunity to tell you who I am working so hard to become and the reason that I created this website.
  For the last two years I have been on a journey, a journey towards greatness that has had many accomplishments many lessons and just as many heartbreaks and letdowns. But each year I know for a fact that I have become a better person and I have improved on my relationship with God significantly. Now I won’t be preaching to you, however I will frequently refer to God in the majority of my stories, blogs and motivational moments for two very simple reasons.  One being that God is who has made this journey possible for me and secondly that he deserves all the glory for the things he has done, and the things he will do!
I am so far from the average blogger that it would be unfair to actually call myself one.  I may be grammatically incorrect at times or maybe even misspell words but I am confident that my point will still be understood. If not you have my email address, feel free to ask me anything! I want to share every step of my journey towards greatness in these last two years and the steps I take on a daily basis, I want  to work a long side of you as a guide, or better yet that friend that wants to see you make it.
I will share all failures and accomplishments, all my tricks and tips that I learn along the way maybe even a recipe or two. I hope that the mistakes that I have made and that I will make will help you learn how to make the best moves when you begin your own journey. Or just give you a good reason to laugh at my ass!  In the end, the goal is to reach financial freedom, happiness and Love, that agape Love.  God’s  love.
Peace& Love
Ms. Lowe.